Saturday, 29 March 2014

Premier Manager: Roy of the Rovers Edition

As far as I'm concerned this was the original addictive football management game. Many days were spent moulding a team to dominate English football. What makes this game great is how players develop. Promoting a youngster to your first team, watching him grow to a top player, then have him cut down with a knee ligament injury and retire to run a country pub.

The best thing is you can run it without installing so you can play at work without anyone knowing!


To play, extract the emulator files > create a new folder in the extracted folder called "roms", move the ROM into this folder > run gens.exe > select File > Open ROM > select the ROTR rom and play.

Default keys work just fine, arrow keys move and A = A, S = B, D = C

To start play with a team not in Division 4 you must select Demo mode.

Any problems let me know in the comments section below. Enjoy!


  1. The images are from various beta versions. So don't be put off by some of the ratings and inaccuracies.

  2. Will have to have a look at this, always wanted a manager game with Melchester Rovers in.

    I'm trying to do a RotRs database on Football Manager. I've currently focused on the teams from the monthlies however since reading your new beginning storyline and the way you have fleshed out the teams I'm planning on using your teams for future editions of the game.

    1. I use the older games because there just aren't enough players to fill something like Football Manager. I will be doing a Sensible Soccer release in time. I have played around with FIFA 95 as well but that didn't work so well. At the end of this season I will release the edited PES4 for PC that I use for the New Beginning comics. I play it a lot just for fun and the player stats are synced with the Match Attax cards.

  3. Are you still planning on releasing the player stats for all the teams in the storyline. Interested in the stats of my local Welsh team North Vale.